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Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is the founder of Lisa Thompson Consulting and the blog Self Love Beauty. Her passion is to help others and watching companies and people succeed.

For the past five years, Lisa has been working for a multi-billion dollar corporation in Public Affairs to help functions across the company share their message. While holding her full time role, she also consults for companies, build websites, sits on local non profit committees, runs a blog and is a fitness instructor.

She has a bachelors from Michigan State University in Communications and Public Relations.

As Lisa continues her journey, she loves having the opportunity to work with other companies to watch them grow and make their goals happen. She enjoys working with companies on multiple marketing and communication platforms.

Nina Vartanian

Nina Vartanian is a Professional Costume Designer, has a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons The New School for Design and her MFA in Costume Design from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Nina’s work is about collaborating, creating a show whether it is for Theater, Film, Dance, or Opera, it takes a team of people, coming together, then learning to communicate with each other, to make it all happen.  Even though every project is different, communication that brings collaboration is the commonality in every project Nina takes on.

“During my childhood I experienced a unique way to learn collaboration.  Half of my family, being Armenian, immigrated to this country from Iran. Cohabitating with people who do not speak the same language teaches you to understand people without knowing what they are saying. This gave me a strong passion to explore, and an approach to design that is focused on discovery.  I am always in search of new ways to communicate through my work.”

Nina’s work is unique, the end product of her process results in clothes, but the actual process to get there has very little to do with clothing.  Her work is inspired, and driven by people, and their stories.  Whether it is in a fitting for a theatrical production, or a fitting for someone’s personal life, Nina’s focus is creating a comfortable and empowering environment that leads to some kind of discovery. Out of the hundreds of fittings she has had, no one fitting has ever been alike; everyone has their own needs, their own paths, and their own perspective, and Nina’s passion is helping people find these magical moments about themselves. 

Geoff Rose

Geoff Rose is a Co-founder of PRIME, which was founded in March of 2013. He is a neuro therapist and posture specialist, as he taps into the nervous system in order to create proper movement. Rose specializes in concussions, chronic neurological disorders, and spinal injuries. He is completing a two year Osteopathic Training Program taught by world renowned Guy Voyer, Osteopath DO, as well as mastering functional neuroscience taught by Andrew Amigo of the Accomplished Brain. His coaching has reached the likes of professional basketball and rugby players, collegiate football and lacrosse players, and adolescents with the need for improved motor skills.

His career started at Clemson University where he was a student assistant for the Men’s Basketball team from 2007-2010. During that time, Rose also worked under the Strength and Conditioning program assisting Head Strength Coach Preston Greene. His time at Clemson included a Top 25 AP ranking every season as well as three trips to the NCAA Tournament. In 2010, Rose served as coordinator of operations for the University of Delaware Men’s Basketball team. Rose helped guide Delaware to a 14-17 record and finished 7th in the CAA. After a year at Delaware, Rose joined Concordia College as an assistant coach as well as the strength coach for men’s basketball. In his two year stint, Rose helped the Clippers to an overall 25-29 record and reach the CACC Playoffs for the first time in school history. Rose is currently the junior varsity basketball coach at Iona Prepatory School in New Rochelle.

Esther Frances

Esther Frances is a professional ballroom and Latin dance competitor, instructor and choreographer at Arthur Murray Broadway. She currently travels around the world competing with her partners Aleksandar Dokuleski and Robert Veljanovski. Dancing and teaching is her passion in life and she enjoys working with adults and children of all ages and skill levels.

Esther was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in Florida and Alabama where she trained in classical ballet and piano for 20 years. Her passion for partner dancing started with ballet but she eventually switched to ballroom and Latin dancing when she was 16 years old. She has been performing and teaching ballroom dance ever since and has won numerous awards over the years for both. She relocated to New York City to further her dance training with top coaches. Esther received a BM from the University of Miami in Music Business and Entertainment Industries with a major in classical piano and minors in marketing and dance. Her knowledge of music makes her teaching style unique and exciting. She has been performing in and organizing dance shows in New York City for the past seven years.