Innerform™ Coaches

Innerform™ offers a variety of coaches with unique specializations, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.  All coaches are passionate about the Innerform™ mission.

Our coaches don’t tell you what you “should” do to become happier and healthier. Instead, they provide you with a compass to navigate your own internal journey, reduce yours stress, and grow.

Sikin Samji

Masters of Science in Organizational Development; NLI Brain Based Conversation Skills; Certified Yoga Teacher 500 hours

Sikin Samji is a yoga teacher and leadership coach and the founder of urbanyogi.

She studied Organizational Development and completed her Masters Thesis at Pepperdine University, the fields’ premier graduate program. There, she studied leadership development, change management and coached teams and leaders in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. She is trained in Public Participation through the IAP2 method and has studied Brain Based Coaching with the Neuroleadership Institute.

Sikin has more than 500 hours of yoga teacher training, experienced high-level movement conditioning as a competitive athlete and regularly leads mindfulness and meditation practices. Her philosophy is grounded in adopting a whole-self experience – in both coaching and in moving practices – to ultimately serve the integrity of all parts equally and purely.

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Bachelors of Music and Classical Vocal Performance; Masters of Music, Classical Vocal Performance & Vocal Pedagogy from NYU Steinhart; Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Katie Gall is a health wellness empowerment coach, founder of Keeping It Real With Katie Gall, singer, musician and voice teacher.

She helps people who are ready to commit to permanent change by discovering the full power of their body’s ability to achieve optimal health through the creation of habits of self love and living in harmony with their body. People who work with her fuel their unique mind, body and spirit so that they can accomplish big, amazing things! In addition to helping people communicate effectively with their body, Katie is a wife and a new mother!

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