I Admit It…

Although healthy weight loss is an accomplishment worth celebrating, Innerform™ coach Katie Gall is here to share that contrary to popular belief, happiness is not synonymous with weight loss. Along with her work with Innerform™, she is a health, wellness and empowerment coach, a singer, voice teacher, wife, new mother and founder of Keeping It Real With Katie Gall. Katie is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health and live in harmony with their body through habits of self-love.

I Admit It…

Sometimes… I still eat my feelings. And it has, in the past, really affected my weight.

I was listening to NPR one day and they were discussing laparoscopic surgery. The point of the discussion was that women (and men I’m sure, but this discussion was primarily between women) found that even though they lost their weight, they didn’t get happier.

Weight Loss Doesn’t Equal Happiness

Having been a “professional dieter” for many years, and finally finding a way of eating and exercising that works for my body, I completely understand where these women are coming from. Many of you may too.

For the majority of my life, I was certain that if I just lost my weight, everything would be fixed.  I would be outgoing, sexy, landing all the leading roles I wanted and just an all around better person. So I lost the weight, and you know what? Very little changed.

Weight loss isn’t just a physical issue.  It’s an emotional one for MANY people — both men and women.  There are a multitude of reasons we choose to make unhealthy choices, and sometimes we don’t even realize what those reasons are.  For many, it comes from a place of feeling inadequate.  Inadequate at work, home, relationships, anything!

So What Does This Mean?

If we want to cure this obesity epidemic, we need to work on the WHY. HOW people become overweight is by eating too many calories and not working them off, (although this is relatively true, I would partially argue this as well… but I’ll save that for another time). However, the WHY is much trickier, and that’s what I LOVE working on with clients.

We’re all fighting a battle and this comes out in different ways for different people.  Instead of facing this with judgement and an assumption that what works for you will work for everyone, try to meet these differences with compassion and understanding. Because really, a little love is all those love handles need.

Does weight loss feel like an uphill battle? Have you lost the weight but still feel like something is missing?  Schedule a free consultation with an Innerform™ Coach today!



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