Grace in the “Now”

“Grace in the “Now” was written by Innerform™ Coach, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Somatrainer Amy Yates. In her quest for a high quality of life, Yates outlines how grace is much more than an elegant way to carry oneself – it involves lightness, positivity, humility, trust and the ability to let go. Incorporating grace into our lives can help take the seriousness out of self-improvement and truly help us live in the “now” –read on to learn how!

Most people, including myself, seek a high quality of life. We are so grateful for and amazed by life itself, that we desire to be deeply connected with it. The desire to be excited, inspired and engaged is almost constant. We want our connection with life to evoke high levels of passion, awareness and involvement in the “now.”

In other words, we want our state of being to be that of a flow state. A flow state is when we are deeply engaged with the present moment or circumstance. We want a fullness of experience with total occupation and alignment of mind, body and spirit.

It takes a lot of energy and an ideal environment to get into this flow state. To remain in this state for any length of time is much more difficult! Regardless if the challenge, I find it to be the goal of most wellness pursuits; that is, to be present and able to deeply move with life, regardless of environmental circumstance. It takes a lot of metabolic capacity, internal biochemical balance, mindfulness, personal resilience and general health to do this. However, once achieved, the outcome is truly incredible: a full and meaningful life experience.

About Grace

There are clearly many factors that go into creating and sustaining this high-quality life experience. But, in this post, I’ll be going over how grace fits in. Grace is defined as “a simple elegance or refinement in movement.” It involves lightness, positivity, humility, trust and the ability to let go.

How is grace applied in everyday life? Well, grace is choosing to swiftly forgive ourselves and others for mistakes and shortcomings. Grace is telling the perfect joke to lighten a friend’s spirit after a fight, rather than speaking bad about the common enemy. It requires openness, readiness and patience to let the present tension pass without lashing out at ourselves or others.

Being graceful is trusting that time will keep ticking; it is knowing that our immediate concerns will soon be in the past and it’s always worth it to spend energy looking for harmony among the chaos.

To be graceful, we must also be open and non-judgmental. We must be willing to look deep into circumstances to identify the positive and have the discipline and strength to lift ourselves up to this level without making a big deal of it. Furthermore, the act of seeking grace can open the door to flow states. This is because of grace’s demand on our presence, will, honesty and compassion. Attuning to the subtle movements in consciousness, environment and circumstances requires the same kind of deep engagement in the “now,” as being in a flow state.

Grace and Wellness Journeys

Wellness journeys are empowering but also challenging. Without grace, they would get entirely too heavy and serious. Wellness requires a lot of learning in regards to our bodies, minds and spirits. There’s a huge amount of awareness, understanding and skill development that goes into becoming more well.

With all of this extra mind material, it’s easy to be judgmental, hyper-focused, annoyed (or annoying) and generally caught up.  When this happens, we lose touch with grace. We forget about the elegance of wellness, the beauty in the changing seasons, and the humanness of our health. But, it’s okay, because grace always seems to find its way into our consciousness.

As Heraclitus said, “change is the only constant” in life. This means that with every unexpected problem, life event, quarrel, and so on, we have another opportunity to practice grace. Sit there, breathe through the discomfort, maintain our respect for ourselves, and then kindly move forward. Whenever times get rough, it can be helpful to connect to the grace that surrounds us and lives within us.

This will always help us connect to our current circumstance with presence and ease. Finally, this will help us recognize the beauty within the chaos by connecting us to the coherence of the “now”.



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