5 Easy Actions to Maintain Body Positivity

It’s not easy to maintain body positivity.  I still struggle with it!! After losing 90 lbs, you’d think I’d be thrilled with the way my body looks.  However, a body that has gained and lost 90 lbs does not look like a body that never gained the 90 lbs in the first place!  

Despite teaching and modeling body positivity, there are a couple of areas on my body that I still beat myself up about. Often my arms experience the brunt of my negative, emotional attacks.

Wedding Sleeves

Most recently, my boyfriend and I were dreaming together about our wedding someday, when I actually said to him the following words out loud:  

“I don’t want to get married in the summer because I would have to wear a sleeveless dress.”


Really, Sarah!?  

It’s your future special day, and you’re going to cut out an entire season because you feel shame about your arms?!

This dark moment allowed me to reflect on how difficult it can be for us to maintain body positivity.  So, I decided to compile a list of the actions that help me. Hopefully they can help you, too!

5 Easy Actions to Maintain Body Positivity:

  1. Sleep naked.  

Sleeping naked is fun and empowering!  Your body doesn’t need to be covered up with blankets AND clothing.  If you can’t sleep naked, wear something to bed that feels good and luxurious against your skin! Treat yourself.

  1.  Enjoy an indulgent beauty routine.

When I’m struggling to maintain body positivity, I take a few minutes to treat myself to a clay face mask.  I found a great one on Amazon that was free of chemicals, and the little act of applying it makes me feel like I’m caring for myself in a really special way.  Try something that feels indulgent! Next, I’m making time for a lavender foot wrap.

  1. Splurge on a superfood.

Food is fuel, and our bodies deserve the absolute best fuel possible!  Spend a little extra money to get yourself an organic, cold-pressed green juice or smoothie, or make one at home!  You deserve to spend time and resources on your own self-care.

  1. Throw a dance party.

It’s easy to hide when we’re feeling negatively about our bodies.  The self-criticism can actually initiate a stress response that causes us to freeze!  So when I’m feeling particularly frustrated or negative, I put on the tunes and throw a dance party for one.  Try it! The free, creative movement feels good, neutralizes the stress response, and usually gives us a little something to laugh about.

  1. Touch yourself.

How and where you decide to touch yourself is up to you – haha! – But I like to focus on giving tangible love to the area I’m struggling with.  Sometimes I try to massage the back of my arms with the intention of showing them love and care. Alternatively, I might purchase a special lotion or soap to show kindness to my skin and body.  Human touch is essential to our health. Give yourself the tangible, loving compassion that you deserve.

This is my personal list of 5 easy actions to maintain body positivity, but there are as many options as there are people in this world! 

What are some ways in which you show yourself love and care to maintain body positivity?  

Tell us in the comments.



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