Meet our Team

Innerform™ is the passion project of two women who believe that health and wellness is a journey best navigated with curiosity, intention, and community.

Innerform™ Founder, Sarah Hodges, is an Executive Well-being Coach who developed the powerful A+ Coaching Method™: A compassionate approach to goal setting.

After watching incredible internal transformation in her executive clients, Sarah teamed teamed up with Amy Yates, a certified Health and Wellness expert, to bring you Innerform™ – Wellness from Within.

Together they created Innerform Thrive™, a self-coaching wellness program (to be beta-launched in November 2018). This program is a body-positive, shame-free program designed for women who believe that wellness is a journey that starts from within.

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Sarah Hodges, CEO & Founder

Sarah Hodges is a certified coach, speaker, and creator of the A+ Method: A proprietary approach to goal setting.  The powerful A+ Method can unstick the stuck, motivate the unmotivated, and soothe the stressed.  Tested on clients from ages 6 to 91, Sarah’s powerful program transforms from the inside-out in record time.

Her passion for personal growth began after her struggle with obesity and depression as a professional musician and opera singer. After losing 90 pounds and transforming her own life, Sarah sought out extensive education and certifications in brain-based life coaching, health coaching, and biomechanics.

When not coaching, Sarah spends her time on her passion project called Innerform, where she applies her A+ Method to body-positive wellness education for women. She is also a strong supporter of cancer research and prevention. She works closely with the National Foundation of Cancer Research and sits on the advisory board of Geneius, a t-cell therapy company.


  • Neuroleadership Institute Brain-Based Coach
  • ACE Health Coach
  • Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • Somatraining:
    • Proprioception & Awareness
    • Advanced Circulatory and Respiratory Techniques
    • ELDOA (Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Segmental Strengthening
    • Gravity Line
    • Cardiovascular Conditioning Techniques
    • Myofascial Stretching

Amy YatesAmy Yates, Director of Education & Partner

Certified Holistic Nutritionist; Licensed Massage Therapist; Somatrainer; DO (in process)

Amy Yates grew up in chilly Edmonton, Alberta with inspiring parents and a strong passion for movement and physiology. She quickly became a high-level dancer and as a young teenager competed in solo and group events on the Canadian team for the world championships. At just 16 years old, Amy attended an extensive Pilates certification program to further her understanding of the body and to begin to help others.   Amy continued her Pilates instructing while training in modern dance and dancing for professional dance companies in San Francisco and New York City. At this time she also attending various colleges to study neuroscience.  Around this time, Amy also became a certified personal trainer.

After many years of strenuous modern dance and experiencing the burnout that resulted, Amy decided to leave the industry to heal herself and focus on other passions. In many ways, this was the real beginning of her journey into health and wellness, as it was the first time she was on the side of needing help.

Amy followed many rehabilitative paths and became deeply interested in healing, itself. This journey was truly mind-expanding, as she began to experience and deeply appreciate the complexities of the body and mind. Through this, she realized that health and wellness can occur at many different scales (cell, tissue, organism, family,  community, etc.) and that all of these are truly valid, important and valuable. With this realization, Amy expanded her scope of practice by becoming a nutritionist and massage therapist.

With these added skills and the help of many mentors, Amy adopted the complexity-model of practice which she continues to use. In this, she focuses on process, rather than destination; quality over quantity, and learning/understanding over memorization.  She respects her clients goals, interests and expectations and uses the techniques which are associated with their values and interests.

Amy now lives in Perkasie, PA where she works with clients, teaches classes and does online and live mentoring/teaching for professionals. Amy dances (in her living room), sings (in her car), hikes whenever possible, meditates daily, saunas whenever possible, cooks, does daily ELDOA, and is learning the art of gardening.